Under Rail Safety Legislation, Aurizon has a responsibility to ensure that all external workers (including Contractors) that undertake Rail Safety Work:

  • Are competent to carry out the work
  • Have identification that allows the competence of the worker to be checked
  • Are medically fit to undertake the work

The way in which Aurizon Contractors and other external workers comply with these requirements is through the Aurizon Rail Safety Worker Program. Contractors and other external workers can find out more about this program and obtain their Rail Safety Worker Card by following this link.

All Contractors and other external workers must hold and produce on request a Rail Safety Worker Card issued by Pegasus. Contractors and other external workers that cannot produce this identification will not be allowed to carry out Rail Safety Work. Aurizon has undertaken a detailed Training Needs Analysis for Rail Safety roles. Each role has a certain competency requirement, which are outlined in the list of Rail Safety Worker Competency Matrices below.

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