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We are committed to achieving world-class environmental performance across all our operations. 

We manage our business activities in a way that is sensitive to environmental impacts. We continually seek to minimise impacts on the communities and ecosystems where we operate and continue to strive to deliver improvement in our environmental performance.

Our priorities are on minimising emissions and energy consumption, and conserving and protecting local biodiversity. Our focus also extends to reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

The Aurizon Environment Community of Competence (CoC) has senior leadership representation across the business. Our Environment CoC provides guidance on the management of significant environmental issues such as coal dust, noise, diesel emissions and energy reduction.

Aurizon has an Environment Policy and an established environmental management system aligned with the principles of ISO14001.

We actively work with government, key industry stakeholders and customers to bring innovation and technical know-how to initiatives in biodiversity, coal dust management, waste management, diesel emissions, rail noise management and GHG emissions.

Hexham Train Support Facility Turning Angle

The Hexham Train Support Facility (TSF) is located at Maitland Road, Hexham, NSW on approximately 38 hectares of zoned industrial land. State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) Approval MP07_0171 was issued for the project on the 10 October 2013. Construction of the TSF was finalised in 2016 with full operation commencing in 2016.

On the 09 October 2019 the Hexham TSF Turning Angle (the Turning Angle) Modification MP 07_0171 MOD 1 was approved. Construction of the Turning Angle was completed in early July 2020 with operation commencing on the 23 July 2020.

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